About: Bobbie
      Born: March 19,1966
Highest Education: PhD

Favorite Food: Wings of course
Favorite Songs:
Going in Circles: Save the best for Last;That’s what friends are for
Music Influences: Edward Summers Sr.: Ben Crosby: Dean Martin:
Sade: Prince: Michael McDonald: Chicago: Luther Van dross:
Journey: Toni Barton: Michael Jackson: Will Smith
Favorite Comedians: Bob Hope: Abbott & Costello
Favorite Cartoon: Bugs Bunny: Dragon Ball Z: Lion King
Favorite Book: The Holy Bible (kjv)
In My Off Time: Watching a movie at home
Favorite Movies:
Ten Commandments: Guess who coming home for dinner (Original):
Congo: Uptown Saturday Night: Buck and The Preacher: King Arthur:
Book of Eli: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory:  Amos & Andrew:
Robin Hood (Russell Crown): Thomas Crown Affair: Lake Placid: Under Cover Brother:
Favorite Syfy Series:
Fifth Element: Chronicle of Riddick Series: Underworld Series: Blade:
Bobbie Emerald
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